Build your own generation grid using pre-defined options, then start generating using the different output settings.

User has complete control over all the generation process, from the initial grid to the settings used during generation.

Includes a collection of pre-built grids to get you up and running quickly, which can be edited to suit your needs.

  • Create .crypix generation grids up-to 32x32px.
  • Mirror the grid vertically, horizontally or in both directions.
  • Switch between Grid View, Output view and a Split Panel View.
  • Output up-to 500 sprites per re-generation.
  • Change the output preview background colour.
  • Scale the outputted sprites up-to 8x.
  • Output .png sprite in original pixel size or scaled pixel size.
  • Undo/Redo grid changes up-to 10 actions.
  • Import/Export .crypix grid files.
  • 1-bit mode for retro style sprites.
  • And much more…

Exports PNG image files

1-bit mode for retro art

Windows and MacOS

Free updates


Community Forums

Join the community to share .crypix grid files and showcase your generated sprites!

You can also report bugs and request new features.



CryPixels has a demo available for download on our itch.io page, please use this to test system compatibility if unsure.

Purchase the full version on itch.io (free updates, Windows or MacOS, automatic updates if using the itch.io app).