Procedural Pixel Art Generator

Easily create hundreds of pixel art sprites for games or any other project, with an easy to use interface.

Procedurally generated pixel art


Build your own generation grid using pre-defined options, then start generating using the different output settings.

Procedurally generated humanoids
Procedurally generated 1 bit spaceships
Procedurally generated stormtroopers
Procedurally generated random sprites
Procedurally generated spaceships
Procedurally generated robots

User has complete control over all the generation process, from the initial grid to the settings used during generation.

Includes a collection of pre-built grids to get you up and running quickly, which can be edited to suit your needs.

  • Create .crypix generation grids using the 5 procedural grid brushes.
  • Mirror the grid vertically, horizontally or in both directions.
  • Switch between Grid View, Output view and a Split Panel View.
  • Output up-to 500 sprites per re-generation.
  • Change the output preview background colour.
  • Scale the outputted sprites up-to 8x.
  • Output .png sprite in original pixel size or scaled pixel size.
  • Undo/Redo grid changes up-to 10 actions.
  • Import/Export .crypix grid files.
  • 1-bit mode for retro style sprites.
  • And much more…
  • Batch Export Save your creations
  • 1-bit mode Create retro style art
  • Platforms Windows and MacOS
  • Free updates up to v1.9


Can I use generated sprites with my favourite 2d game engine?

Any game engine that can load a PNG graphics file can use sprites generated with CryPixels.

What example grids are included in the most recent version?

There are 14 example generation grids to get you started quickly, including spaceships, monsters, robots, trees and humanoids. In the latest version you can load all the examples directly from the software start screen.

Will I be able to easily make custom generation grids?

Certainly! Check out our latest documentation to find out how to use all the grid tools.

What's the license for sprites made using CryPixels?

You may use the sprites in any type of project, including personal, education and commercial. There's no need to give credit to CryPixels.

Can I use a single copy of CryPixels on multiple computers?

Yes, the license is per user so you can use it on any computers you personally own and operate.

Will there be a Linux version?

We are currently working hard on getting the Windows and macOS versions as good as they can be. Linux support is planned in the future, please post on the forum if your interested in this platform.

When opening the software on Windows, it is blocked by SmartScreen?

We recommend installing via the app, because of this we don't sign our apps, therefore Windows doesn't recognise the program. Click on More information and instruct Windows to run the program anyway, or change your SmartScreen settings. CryPixels is perfectly safe, as long as you downloaded it from our page.

When opening the software on mac, it doesn't let me because it's from an unknown developer?

To resolve this, simply right-click the program and choose "Open", then you will get an option to "Run anyway". Next time it will run without prompting.

What are the minimum system requirements?

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 or later / macOS 10.10 or later

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Join the community to share .crypix grid files and showcase your generated sprites!
You can also report bugs and request new features.


Purchase the full version for Windows and macOS with free updates (automatic updates if using Steam or the app).